Outdoor recreation is a pillar of Millican Reserve’s vision for building a healthy community.  Miles of mountain bike trails, hiking routes, equestrian paths, and lakes for canoeing and kayaking all complement the ever-expanding list of ways to get outside at Millican Reserve.


Millican Reserve makes it easy to get outside with friends and family.  If you find some of the mountain bike trails are too technical, or if the ultra marathon is too “ultra,” join a nature tour or hang out on the dock and try your hand at fishing for large-mouth bass.


At Millican Reserve, you can’t start getting outside too soon.  Camp Millican is a day camp for young kids which promotes healthy, happy, and successful childhood experiences through discovery and outdoor adventures, group play, and activities. As an outdoor program, Camp Millican aims to strengthen children’s sense of well-being and motivation, and to increase their ability to be true to themselves, their families, and their communities.

Camp Millican