Rich in wildlife, Millican Reserve celebrates this diversity by dedicating itself to conservation. An immeasurable variety of native species find their homes in the mosaic of woodlands, savannah, ponds, and creeks that make up this place. From its plentiful whitetail deer, to songbirds, rabbits, and turtles, Millican Reserve is teeming with life, and its design and ongoing management practices reflect a deep commitment to maintaining and restoring the habitat of these creatures. By embracing a legacy of conservation that will extend to future generations, owners are building value reflected both in dollars and in a lifetime of shared experiences.


From the outset, the opportunity presented by Millican Reserve was clear. But so was the responsibility: how to create a human settlement without destroying the attributes which brought us here in the first place? Faced with this challenge, Millican Reserve’s planners made a commitment to stewardship that would not stop at an innovative design, but would continue through responsible property restrictions and a long-term wildlife management plan. Owners at Millican Reserve participate, actively or passively, in the ongoing conservation efforts of their community foundation, including wildlife management practices on their own land. As a community, Millican Reserve respects its environment and is ensuring the preservation of the native landscape for generations to come.


At the heart of Millican Reserve is a direct connection with the land. By working to preserve the richness of the landscape and diversity of its wildlife, Millican Reserve is ever increasing its value to the community that lives here. Most fundamentally, homeowners at Millican Reserve are part of an authentic place that will be sustained indefinitely in the face of substantial challenges; this shared legacy of conservation means that generation after generation will come home to the same pristine countryside. In short, each owner at Millican Reserve possesses an enduring asset and resource: a singular place to come together, to relax and reflect, and to explore and discover.