Promise Me

a place where I can savor the colorful bounty that comes from our land and the thoughtful people who tend to it.


Millican Reserve offers a rich palette for artistic expression. Whether through performance, painting, sculpture, or even food, our community is deeply engaged with local artists.

The Arts


Millican Reserve is intentionally “of the land,” not simply “on the land.” Our meaningful connection to the soil inspires us towards sustainable agricultural practices, local markets, and farm-to-table meals.



We share Millican Reserve with a myriad assembly of other species, and we advocate for them. Even as we grow our community here, we take our role as environmental stewards seriously; the Millican Reserve Land Conservancy ensures this commitment will endure.

Wildlife Conservation


Jump on a bike and explore. Canoe the water’s edge. Guide your horse along a winding creek bank. Or simply enjoy miles of trail on foot. Outdoor recreation is a way of life at Millican Reserve.

Outdoor Recreation