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Prepare to be immersed in the Reserve. This pristine central Texas settlement offers everything needed to live well and connect to your healthier self. Whether on a nature walk under a canopy of oaks or watching your grandchild glide across the water in a canoe during summer camp, there is no better place to revitalize than in the natural setting of the Brazos Valley.

Adventures await you at Millican Reserve. How you find your way here is up to you. Become a TrailPass Member of the Conservancy to support our conservation efforts and get regular access to most of our extensive trail system. Or just check the calendar for a convenient yoga class or other event that sparks your interest. Make memories by planning your own private event at our award-winning lakeside boathouse, or consider making Millican Reserve your family’s home. We invite you to explore this website for more inspiration. Welcome to your next adventure!


Millican Reserve promises a way of life surrounded by what truly matters. Family. Nature. Community.


At the heart of Millican Reserve is a direct connection to the land. A rich diversity of native species find their homes in the mosaic of woodlands, savannah, ponds, and creeks that make up this place. The dark, loamy soil that constitutes much of Millican Reserve is speckled with rolling glades of oak trees and native grasses, and thick, open pastures offer a nod to the distinguished agricultural heritage of the Brazos Valley.

Post Oak Savannah

Several distinct ecosystems define Millican Reserve, including deep yaupon thicket, spring-fed creeks, and expansive post-oak savannah. Oak trees meander throughout, as do cypress, cedar elms, and eastern red cedar. The diverse terrain and thriving vegetation in this stretch of Brazos countryside provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

The Wildlife

Millican Reserve is home to a wide range of native inhabitants, from the soaring red-shouldered hawk to the crawling ironclad beetle. A robust wildlife management program preserves and protects the local species. The commitment to responsible land and wildlife stewardship is built into the mission of Millican Reserve.

The Soil

The rich soil undulating beneath Millican Reserve has given rise to a healthy diversity of native flora and fauna. This nourishing land, a precious resource, is essential for the production of nutritious food and ultimately a healthy community.


To live and play in a pristine Texas setting. To find innovative ways to respect the native landscape. To create a new kind of settlement. These are some of the aspirations behind the establishment of Millican Reserve. Always central are the interlaced notions of family, nature, and community.


This land is ripe for exploration. With visions of screen doors and discovery in mind, Millican Reserve connects families to nature and to each other. An extensive network of trails weaves throughout the wooded landscape and includes walking and equestrian paths, creeks, ponds, and gathering areas. This is an unhurried place for families to cherish for generations.


Mother Nature has provided a rich habitat for the plants and animals at Millican Reserve and an outdoor classroom for the rest of us. Professional wildlife management ensures the continued health of our native residents and offers opportunities for the community to participate and learn about the creatures with whom it shares the land.


Millican Reserve provides natural settings for people to connect and come together. Hiking, running, boating, and riding are a few of the many recreational activities that bring people here. Shared interests in activities such as nature exploration, farming, and the culinary arts help form a diverse, yet cohesive community. The opportunities to connect are endless.




The vision behind Millican Reserve begins and ends with the Texas landscape.  Defined by scenic creeks, lakes, and rolling hills, and set deep within the Post Oak Savannah eco-region, this area is known as one of the most beautiful places in the Brazos Valley.

By working to preserve the richness of the landscape and diversity of its wildlife, Millican Reserve is establishing an authentic place that will be sustained indefinitely in the face of substantial challenges; this legacy of conservation means that generations of Millican Reserve homeowners will come home to the same pristine countryside: a singular place to relax and reflect, and to explore and discover.


At Millican Reserve, we are a community that loves food!  At the heart of this emotion is our direct connection to the land.   As we tend the soil, we establish meaningful relationships with this place and with each other, and our produce and products become centerpieces of the table we share with our family and friends.

The Farm at Millican Reserve brings our community together. Working with residents and others, our farmers implement sustainable practices that provide families with access to the best and freshest ingredients from their own backyard.



With over 30 miles of private trails, Millican Reserve offers carefully maintained wilderness paths for walkers, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.  These scenic routes serve a variety of interests and skill levels, from leisurely strolls to technical mountain bikes.  It’s the camaraderie and closeness to nature that makes getting outside at Millican Reserve an exhilarating experience each and every time you hit the trails.

Homeowners and other Conservancy members enjoy use of the private Millican Reserve trail system from sunrise to sunset each day.



Nature is behind everything we do at Millican Reserve.  By connecting our community to nature, and nature to our community, we are transforming this into a healthier, happier place.

Set in the beautiful natural setting of Millican Reserve, both outdoor and indoor events are constant here.  From classes and tours to parties and conferences, activities never stop and are central to the mission of building healthy community around nature.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can know when to celebrate the moments that matter at Millican Reserve!



Home is more than just a place.  At Millican Reserve, landowners build lasting memories both inside and outside of their residences.  As they wander with family along quiet oak-laced trails or mingle with neighbors at lakeside events, residents here find that the natural setting of Millican Reserve is the key to life well-lived.

The properties here are as diverse as the land itself.  Each village is distinct, and each homesite is rooted directly in the landscape.  Carefully crafted environmental and architectural guidelines ensure that the authentic nature of Millican Reserve will be preserved and constant for generations.



Working side by side with the community, Millican Reserve is creating a healthier backyard. By curating programs together with a handful of local community partners who offer unique opportunities such as summer camp, outdoor classes, and more, we are bringing people together to revel in a common connection to wildlife, agriculture, recreation, and the arts.


The Conservancy has been established to preserve and provide access and resources to the flora and fauna of Millican Reserve. With a vast outdoor classroom in its backyard, the Conservancy helps maintain the health of both its native inhabitants and its human ones. Members of the Conservancy support the mission of Millican Reserve and its conservation practices while benefiting from unique access to this private sanctuary. Learn more.

TrailPass memberships are now available at the Conservancy. TrailPass membership provides limited access to the private Millican Reserve trail system (for hiking, biking, or horseback riding) and helps support trail maintenance and conservation practices at Millican Reserve.

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