The Land

It Starts with the Land

The vision behind Millican Reserve begins and ends with the Texas landscape. Defined by scenic creeks, lakes, and rolling hills, and set deep within the Post Oak Savannah eco-region, this area is known as one of the most beautiful places in the Brazos Valley.

By working to preserve the richness of the landscape and diversity of its wildlife, Millican Reserve is establishing an authentic place that will be sustained indefinitely in the face of substantial challenges; this legacy of conservation means that generations of families will come home to the same pristine countryside: a singular place to relax and reflect, and to explore and discover.

A rich diversity of native species find their homes in the mosaic of woodlands, savannah, ponds, and creeks that make up this place. The dark, loamy soil that constitutes much of Millican Reserve is speckled with rolling glades of oak trees and native grasses, and thick, open pastures offer a nod to the distinguished agricultural heritage of the Brazos Valley.

Several distinct ecosystems define Millican Reserve, including deep yaupon thicket, spring-fed creeks, and expansive post-oak savannah. Oak trees meander throughout, as do cypress, cedar elms, and eastern red cedar. The diverse terrain and thriving vegetation in this stretch of Brazos countryside provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. The rich soil undulating beneath Millican Reserve has given rise to a healthy diversity of native flora and fauna. This nourishing land, a precious resource, is essential for the production of nutritious food and ultimately a healthy community.

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