Design & Sustainability

A promise that a life lived in harmony with the land is a life full of reward

Millican Reserve is a conservation-focused community, offering a vision incorporating land preservation, open spaces, and responsible development. With its vernacular Texan architecture and rolling Brazos landscape, Millican Reserve is rooted directly to its place and seeks to be a good steward of the land and its heritage by protecting the natural environment.

Homes at Millican Reserve are artful expressions of their owners’ vision, each telling a distinctive story while sharing a common theme rooted in the land.  Each home is intimately responsive to its natural surroundings, following the lead of early architecture, and is an authentic complement to the Brazos Valley countryside.

By responding to the natural setting and elements in a straightforward manner, the architectural character of Millican Reserve is not only timeless, it also creates a cohesive community that is directly connected to its environment.  This design philosophy can be described with three main principles:

Respect the Landscape

Respond to Climate

Use Appropriate Materials Palette

Each village at Millican Reserve follows these principles but also establishes its own distinct character.  Homeowners further refine their individual design expression while preserving and celebrating the unique identity of Millican Reserve.

By adopting a design ethos rooted in this place, homeowners are fostering a community-wide appreciation for the native regional character, land, wildlife, and resources.  The thoughtful and creative application of modern building techniques substantially improves energy conservation and efficiency and is a healthy, long-term approach to the stewardship of our natural environment.

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