The Farm

Working side by side with the community, the Farm at Millican is creating a healthier backyard.

Using no-till and other sustainable growing practices, your vegetables are hand-tended by our team of farmers. We strive to bring the best of each season to your dinner table by producing healthy, locally sourced, chemical free produce.

Promise me a place where I can savor
the colorful bounty that comes from our land
and the thoughtful people who tend to it.

Farmer Kenny

How to Get Involved

It’s easy to be part of the Farm at Millican Reserve!

  • Join the Conservancy! From there you can access our CSA, Garden Club, and free or reduced prices on classes, workshops, social events, and demonstrations.
  • Volunteer! Simply sign up for our Friday Harvest Day or our Sunrise Coffee Day.
  • Come visit! Check the calendar for a schedule of farm tours.
Farmer Kenny

At Millican Reserve, we are a community that loves food! As we tend the soil, we establish meaningful relationships with this place and with each other, and our produce and products become centerpieces of the table we share with our family and friends. Our farmers are implementing healthy and sustainable practices that provide families with access to the best and freshest, locally grown ingredients.

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Working Side by Side with the Community, the Farm at Millican Reserve Is Creating a Healthier Backyard

Nurtured by the skilled hands of our dedicated farmers, our fresh produce is making families in the Brazos Valley healthier. At the Farm, we take pride in cultivating your vegetables through reduced-till and sustainable growing practices. Our commitment is this: to deliver the best of each season to your dinner table by offering chemical-free, hand-tended produce that embodies the best of our Brazos soil.

We are creating a thriving farm-to-table community for our friends and customers in College Station, and we invite you to be part of this health journey.

Local farm produce for sale, right to your table
Step onto our Texas farm, where our locally-sourced produce takes center stage, offering an array of fresh, seasonal delights cultivated with care. We embrace the tenets of sustainable agriculture, and we are forging a direct connection between our community and the land. Explore our farm and relish the locally-grown flavor.

Join us in championing local farms, savoring the richness of our harvest, and contributing to a healthier community. Whether you’re an avid food enthusiast in search of fine ingredients or just looking to improve your dinner game and your family’s wellbeing, we invite you to become part of our farm-to-table community and embark on a memorable culinary journey with us right here in the heart of Texas.

As an extension of our commitment to sustainable living, we offer you our CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture). This farm-to-table community initiative empowers you to directly engage with and support our farm. The Farm at Millican Reserve provides a limited number of CSA shares each season, featuring freshly harvested, locally-grown produce. CSA members receive a weekly bounty of 6 to 9 different fresh, seasonal veggies. This affordable CSA is an easy way to support the farm and seamlessly integrate more fresh, locally grown produce into your diet. Get to know where your food comes from!

Food that’s directly connected to the land
At the Farm, as we nurture the soil, we forge meaningful connections with the land and each other. Our produce becomes the centerpiece of your table, shared with family and friends. The farmers at Millican Reserve are not just cultivators; we are stewards of healthy and sustainable practices, ensuring that families have access to the best and freshest locally grown ingredients. Join us on our flavorful journey where sustainability and community come together to redefine the way we experience food and health.

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