The Farm

Working side by side with the community, the Farm at Millican is creating a healthier backyard.

Using reduced-till and other sustainable growing practices, your vegetables are hand-tended by our team of farmers. We strive to bring the best of each season to your dinner table by producing healthy, locally sourced, chemical free produce.

Promise me a place where I can savor
the colorful bounty that comes from our land
and the thoughtful people who tend to it.

CSA at Millican

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for consumers to engage with and buy food directly from local farmers and ranchers. The Farm at Millican Reserve offers a limited number of shares of freshly-harvested, locally grown produce. Members enjoy 6-9 fresh, seasonal veggies each week, and automatically recurring billing and share holds streamline the process. This is a great way to connect with the agricultural heritage of Millican Reserve and incorporate more fresh produce into your diet.

At Millican Reserve, we are a community that loves food! As we tend the soil, we establish meaningful relationships with this place and with each other, and our produce and products become centerpieces of the table we share with our family and friends. Our farmers are implementing healthy and sustainable practices that provide families with access to the best and freshest, locally grown ingredients.

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