Camp Reflections

Our camp director looks back on Camp Millican 2023

As many already know, summer 2023 brought us record temperatures in Brazos County. Some days reaching over 105 degrees! That didn’t stop us from having one of the ‘coolest’ summers. Our campers experienced farming techniques, arts and crafts, entomology, natural resources education, swimming, fishing, canoeing, orienteering, and developed new friendships.

Our highly trained staff focused on making each day safe, engaging, educational, and FUN! Whether it was a silly energizer (NO CRUST) to get us all awake after early morning drop off or a nice dip in Lake Prescott to cool off, we loved every moment this summer.

We will embrace all the wonderful memories made this summer and hope to create more memorable experiences moving forward. Thank you for sharing your children with us!

“Both my boys had the time of their lives. It was their third camp of summer and they both said it was their favorite hands down.”

Camper Parent

These quotes were taken from our end-of-session camp evaluations. We were pleased with the overall feedback we received from parents, grandparents, caregivers, and campers themselves. One camper noted, “I loved fishing and swimming. I also made two new friends!”

Campers learning the safe way to enter canoes!

Camp Millican prides itself with the partnership between the camp, campers, and the campers’ caregivers surrounding the growth and skill development that takes place in our program. Not only do we focus on developing a bond with nature, but we teach intentional friendship skills.

Camper Conversations

This section may be a bit unconventional, but I think it is important to highlight the fun quotes that your campers shared with our staff.
Context: First day of camp; 4-year-old camper; hike to farmhouse.
Camper: “Mr. Chad, when do we go inside? These bugs are YUCKY.”
Mr. Chad: “Sorry to say, but this is an outside camp.”
Camper: “I don’t do bugs.”
I share this story because on the last day of camp, she told me that she is no longer afraid of bugs and loves being outside.
Camper: “I wish I could take all the turtles home so they could live under my bed.”
Camper: “If you run really fast, you can run on water, you know.”
Context: Canoeing.
Camper: Mr. Chad, do you see the waves, birds, and water. Wow, I cannot wait to tell my mom about this.”
Context: Completed Fly Fishing Lesson
Camper: “Mr. Chad, I just learned how to fly fish. Now I can fly fish with my dad!”
Camper: “Do I have to leave? I can live with the canoes.”
Camper: “I made a friend today.”

I want to thank our campers and counselors for a magical summer. Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms for off-season programming and new Camp Millican updates. Click here for that information: Camp Millican

Until next summer,

Chad Nelson, Camp Director

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