Responding to the Landscape

The Meadows at Millican Reserve

The Meadows village at Millican Reserve overlooks a sweeping creekside vista in southern College Station.  Homes here are carefully integrated into the beautiful Brazos countryside. Lot lines aren’t celebrated, but visually fade away, creating an organic neighborhood character.

Homesites range from one to over three acres across a landscape that varies from thick woodlands to open meadows, and homes are responsive to their natural surroundings, with breezeways, porches, and generous windows that provide air and light to all spaces.

Nature trails at the Meadows meander around a private community pond and thoughtful park amenities, all of which speak to Millican Reserve’s vision of building healthy community around nature.

We’ve just incorporated several unique new family homesites into this College Station ISD village, and we invite you to keep reading to learn more about these new locations at the Meadows are “of the land” and not simply on the land.

Family. Nature. Community.

The Meadows village is integrated into the fabric of Millican Reserve.  A private sanctuary where homeowners can relax and rejuvenate in the serene post oak savannah, Millican Reserve offers hundreds of pristine acres, miles of winding trails, and countless species of native wildlife.  With visions of screen doors and discovery in mind, we are connecting families to nature and to each other. 

Hiking, running, boating, and riding are just a few of the passions that bring people here.  Shared interests in activities like nature exploration, farming, and culinary arts help to form our diverse, cohesive community.  Opportunities to connect are endless.

If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to experience the Meadows or Millican Reserve, schedule a tour today.

Design and Stewardship

Homes at the Meadows are expressions of each owner’s vison.  They tell distinctive stories while sharing a common theme rooted in the land.  Carefully-crafted design guidelines ensure that each home respects the landscape, responds to our climate, and uses a materials palette appropriate to our part of Texas. The thoughtful and creative application of modern building techniques substantially improves energy conservation and efficiency and is a healthy, long-term approach to the stewardship of our natural environment.


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